Tonight’s moon has this femme rather contemplative. I know.. long time between posts. If you follow my blog, you already know that this is not unnatural for me. I’m a busy woman. 

Out to lunch with a sweet butch friend of mine, she casually mentions that…. “April is gonna be hell. Big ups and downs, a bunch of shit in the middle and then resolve. Oh, and mercury is in retrograde….just to add interest.” Oy… I’m so damn tied to that moon that my female cycle adjusts accordingly. But with the moon… comes a deep, undeniable contemplation that can move mountains. I’m learning to stop fighting her and just go with the tides. 

Things are changing faster than I can hold on to. I’m changing. The world is changing. I can’t seem to keep up or slow down. I’m running in quicksand. Luckily I’ve been blessed with a group of incredible women that inspire my heart. I cherish each of them. Every one with her own skill set and value. When asked the same question, I get different takes with important views. Lucky girl, I am. Grateful. Butches and femmes alike. Only adding to their importance. 

As I sit in my living room tonight, staring at the moon… alone… I feel small. Not unimportant. Just small. Silence thick around me like a blanket. How many times she has risen and fallen only to continue to do so. I am bound to the same fate. Am I as strong as the light from that moon..? Is my pull as deciding as hers…?

I am. It is.

I will rise again. Brightly..