As a femme, I find that there are not enough occasions to dress well in todays socially impersonal world. I love any reason to dress up, it’s true, but there are few occasions where it is even really acceptable anymore. I recently bought a beautiful dress online only to realize.. I had nowhere to wear it. Yes, perhaps I should have thought about that before buying the dress, but I couldn’t stop myself. Literally. Something was compelling me to get it. I am so very glad I did!

The other night a good friend suggested that the Husbutch and I go with her to the theatre. I come from an upbringing that was steeped in tradition and manners. Attending the theatre, or any live performance, meant that you dressed well. Stockings, heels, a nice dress and dress coat. My grandfather instilled this in me from a very early age. Actually, it was his love of theater and music that charmed me into developing my musical skills. I will always thank him for that. I digress.. the theatre. Time to break out the new dress.

I have to tell you.. It has been a long long time since I have felt really attractive in a dress. Besides being sick over the last couple of years, I had also gained about 20 pounds since the day I was married. My Husbutch didn’t seem to mind, but I did’t feel as attractive as I used to. Curves are one thing, but I didn’t like where they had deposited on my body. I have recently worked hard on my health and as a byproduct, my weight has fallen to the lowest that it has been in over 10 years. My body is strong and leaner than I ever remember. Yes, I’m following a diet, but I eat constantly, so do NOT think I am starving myself. I like food way way too much. (Another blog for another day…) I bought the most stunning navy blue dress with white lace edging. Consequently, I found the most comfortable white peep-toe shoes.

Have you ever dressed or gotten dressed with a  femme..? A high femme. It’s no small feat. First there’s the bath with all of the soaking and primping, shaving, lotioning and perfume applied to just the right spots. You have to be soft and smell just enough to be effective. Then, the undergarments must be chosen according to the length of the dress and the heels that will go with it. Not too tall, but classy and statuesque. I was deciding between my garter belt with stocking or full stockings. I chose the later because it’s winter here and when the wind whips up your dress as you walk downtown, it’s not exactly as thrilling as you might think. Also, my garter belt is black. I needed something nude so that when I took off the dress the sight still matched. I swear we as femmes dress more for our own amusement that anyone else’s. It just feels incredibly sexy! Having the stockings on, perfect bust-enhancing bra chosen and heels ready, there was still one more thing. A slip. Does anyone besides me wear a slip these days? Please introduce me to her. We will be instant friends! I needed my lace slip to complete the look. Another layer in my base fruitless attempt to warm myself in the tundra… in a dress. Done. Dress zipped up and heels on. I felt invincible and sexy as hell. God that feels good…

Just take me out to the theatre over and over again. I will dazzle you. My outward femme shines and I love it. Nothing makes me happier than to feel that way.. Well, almost nothing…