Thank god for the snow. The cold is the only thing slowing me down these days. The cold brought with it a slight respite from my fiery libido and weekend escapades… sort of. It is a Saturday night and I am… staying in. Dammit. I am on my couch with a fire going and my wife is blisfully mesmerized by her iPad. This is very different from our most recent weekends.

We are very very excited because we have made a group of lesbian friends. This is new for us. Our world is very centered around our wonderful group of straight friends that “don’t care” that we are gay and see us as “any other couple”. While I love that.. They still don’t understand.. The lesbians understand. All of the unspoken truths, inside jokes and inuendoes are simply.. normal. We get each other. We just share the space differently.. I love it.

Going out with these women has been… SO MUCH FUN. I feel like a college kid that just found her “cool kids” to make lifelong friendships with and also … get into all sorts of trouble with. How fun. Everything from traveling to shows, going to the bars (ok, theres really only one bar in the city) or going dancing. I get all femmified and strut and am in good company to do so. The butches seem to notice and approve and the femmes conspire to gang up on the butches just for fun. We all stand together a little stronger. I love that. SO. DAMN. MUCH.

I have never gone to a club and just gone dancing. I know. My college life was very uninteresting. I actually studied, graduated early and left the state as fast as possible. So, going out on the weekends, drinking and dancing with other lesbians has been… fucking fabulous. I love the energy of a group of women and as a group of lesbians its like multiplied. One of the women in our group IS the party. I swear. She can make friends with anyone. She’s a butch Stud that can successfully flirt with a fencepost. She actually makes drinking kinda fun and is like a glue that can bring any combination of lesbians together and it works. I don’t know how she does it…

We did go out yesterday to a fabulous party where I got all dressed up and we met even more fabulous gay people. Our social director friend wasn’t there, but arranged for about 6 of us to all meet at the party. That was hilarious and also very helpful. The themed party was exciting and tantalizing.. Beautiful women, handsome butches, GIANT drag queens and fabulous gay men. There were a surprising number of straight allies there as well, but they never turn my femmometer up. Last night it was off the charts.. Last night we talked with intelligent women and had an amazing time. My heat stayed well in check and I only flirted a little.. I blame it on the cold. Thank goodness for the cold.

Those flurries.. we’ll see how fast they melt…