Summer Heat

This summer has my attention. The heat has been fantastic. I crave the sunshine and wilt in the darkness of winter. The energy is just crazy contagious! I refuse to be sedentary even one beautiful day. We will have ALL of the deep, dark, ugly, cold, crabby winter to hibernate. I’m exquisitely exhausted. We have been traveling, hosting parties and actually swimming! 

Swimming. So. My husbutch has finally found the most fantastic swim wear. She’s not really a swimsuit kinda butch. Traditional women’s swimwear just looks… unusual on her. It’s often rough for my handsome husbutch in the summer, but this year the athletic trend has lent itself to being perfect for butch water lovers. I love butch water lovers… The attire has quickly turned into several pair of yoga or running shorts (mmm, yoga shorts) and running tanks with a sports bra. So. Fucking. Nice. Melts me every single time. It seems that before this year (and the uptick in attractive running gear that doesn’t resemble Sweatin’ To The Oldies) it was difficult to outfit her for summer water play. Hats off to 2016 summer and the fashion industry for stepping up it’s game!

Back to the heat. I don’t know what it is about the summer, but I feel fucking sexy in the summer. Could be my exposed skin. Could be the tan that my tremendously light skins has finally submitted to. Could be other women’s exposed skin. (Oh, yes..) Not sure, but I can barely be contained. Husbutch says that she can hardly corral me and it’s true. My flirtometer is over the top. I’m a relentless flirt. Can’t help it! Mother says I’ve been that way since I was a little girl. I don’t think I could quit if I tried! Husbutch just laughs at me and shakes her head. Im a good girl. Honest! I just loooove to flirt and with this heat and my amorous nature ramped into high gear, I’m insufferable. To all handsome women in a 50 mile radius, my apologies, you’re welcome and buckle the fuck up.

Does this happen to anyone else or just me…💋