Femme Touch & Attraction

It’s dangerous. Have you seen those memes that say something like, “these days kindness is so uncommon that it’s often confused for flirting”? You have no idea. I’ve always known that I have a touch. It’s gotten me into trouble… a lot in my life. I take a butch’s hand to look at their ring, look up and see the googly eyes.. Uh oh. Hug a another lesbian friend goodbye and feel the full body contact that lingers just a bit too long.. Then the googly eyes. (Maybe I should have named this post Googly Eyes.) Anyway, it’s a problem. 

This brings me to attraction. Here’s my take on attraction while fully committed to your wife/husbutch/partner: It’s going to happen. People demanding that it will never happen just because they are married is what gets people into trouble. They suddenly think must not love the person they are committed to enough because they feel a physical attraction to another person. How can you feel sexually attracted to someone else if you’re so fully committed and in love with the one you have?? Answer: You’re a human being.

Now, being an adult and commited means that you have made a choice that no matter how attractive you find someone else, you have chosen one and you will stand by that choice. Love is stronger than sex. People forget whole histories to sleep with another person a couple of times, waste a relationship they actually love and regret it for years. Not worth it. Get your head out of your pussy and get a grip. This part of growing up is not taught well in our society.

No one said you couldn’t have fantasies! No one said you were not allowed to ever think about another human being as long as you live while you’re married! Have those sweet mental moments. Enjoy that hot goddman sexual fantasy and then… Let it the hell go. Unless you a really willing to move, divide shit, breaks hearts, spend lots of money, lose friends, betray trust and wreak havoc on your whole damn life, just think dirty little thoughts that are only yours every once in a while. (It’s kinda like watching porn.) A little gift to yourself. Feel that heat and angsty hungry desire. (It’s one of the best reason to exist if you ask me.) If you’re a sexual person and you find yourself attracted to a few people over the course of your lifetime, you are a lucky s.o.b. Some people spend their lives wondering what that fire feels like. Don’t try to deny what makes us human. When you pretend like it isn’t happening and lie to yourself and the one you love, that’s cheating. No one can or should control what you think. You control your actions. That’s being commited, respectful, in love and a damn adult!

Back to touch. Knowing everything I’ve just discussed, if you have a touch… You know what I mean. That kind of touch that gets your attention. Soft, warm, honest and gentle but firm. If you have that and it affects people, treat it like a damn superpower and be careful!! Know that it is powerful, healing, sexy, intimidation, attractive and that other people are inherently hungry for it. Use it only for good. Be a healer. Do reiki or massage. Be a nurse or doctor. Femmes with this touch are, in my opinion, the freaking Wonder Women of our day. If you haven’t read any of my other posts, just let me say.. I love being Femme. 

I forgot this last week, about the power of femme touch, and was reminded of it’s power… by both a man… and two women. (It was an interesting week.) I decided to write this and share my lesson. Be careful out there, Femmes.. We’re goddamn Wonder Women. 💋

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  1. Now I have the Wonder Woman theme song in my head. I like knowing we femmes are wonder women! I will be careful not to abuse my power of touch from now on. 😆

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