I See Femmes & Femmes See Me

Well said!

Today I Am A Man

What femme invisibility? I see queer femmes everywhere. I see you at work, on campus, at parties and on the street. I see you at shows and bars and coffee shops. I know you by your lipstick, your hair, your tattoos, your power, that feminine intensity. Above all, it’s the attitude that’s the giveaway. I notice a woman who doesn’t take any shit.

I walk around in camouflage; my brothers and sisters look past me. Gay dudes and lesbians are slightly startled by my enthusiasm. What’s with the straight guy?

You also fly below certain radars. Maybe that’s why you can see me, too. I don’t know what it is, but queer femmes always seem to know we have something in common.

What is that, and how do you spot it? I guess it’s the same way I notice you, a certain attitude, a rough edge, an essence, impossible to…

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