Previously Married Butch


Alright. I have an observation. Many, or even most, of the butch women I’ve know have previously been in relationships with and/or have been married to men. Conversely, almost all of the Femmes I’ve know are “gold stars” and have not. Some dated men, but still came out much much earlier than their butch companions. The more Butch/Femme identified women I meet, the more this appears to be true.

Is it that the butch women had to struggle even harder than the femme to fit in? They worked so hard to NOT be gay or to follow expected socially constructed roles that they went too far?? They wanted children? Could the Femmes simply reject men under the umbrella of just being a ‘hard to get’ female?

I’m honestly curious. I think that this is actually a VERY hot topic with many more than one answer.

I always say that nothing in like is black or white. Everything is shades of gray. Weigh in? I’d LOVE to hear what you have to say… After I hear from you, I’ll write another blog with MY theory. Ready. Go. <!


2 thoughts on “Previously Married Butch

  1. Maybe it is geographical or religious, but the butches I know (East Coast, Jewish, college educated) are pure Kinsey 6. My partner (pretty femme) shagged a lot of guys in her prime.

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