Melissa Etheridge at Summerfest.

Melissa Etheridge at Summerfest.

Mmmmmm. Melissa Etheridge. There is nothing more tantalizing than a sexy, older, smokey-voiced rocker who also happens to be the biggest lesbian icon of my generation…. I came out figuring out my own pain through her lyrics and understanding my desires each time she would let out that anguished bellow that rocked me to my core. Oh, Melissa… How many young lesbians you must have affected similarly?

Last night Melissa played a free concert for the closing day of Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. The band that opened for her (Ronnie Nyles & Tallulah Who) was also a lezy favorite and was a nice teaser. She wet-prepped the audience chock full of writhing lesbians for Melissa, and she knew it. It was a great night.

I haven’t really decided what I want you to know about last night. I simply feel like I have to tell you about it. The tension in the air was almost indescribable (even for the wordiest of us). It was sexual in a way that Melissa hasn’t freely been with her audience in any of her shows that I have seen. (And, I’ve seen a few…) I think I want you to get a feel for last night. It needs to be shared. An “Out” lesbian, who’s been rocking under the cloak discretion of not telling a ‘full truth’, seemed to be ALL of herself last night. It was so seductive to watch. We were privy to her new delight being married to a local Wisconsinite. She voiced her passion and desire through her music like she always has, but there was something added this time. A face. A name. A woman.

It was so sexy, and I’m not the only one who noticed. As Melissa sang to us, women around me were kissing. I’ve wanted to see that at a Melissa concert and never really have. It’s like she set them free with her open love and lust for this new Wife (Linda Wallem). We were all caught up in it. Honestly, I still am. She’s getting older and did make a reference to ‘not being able to get rid of her that easily’, but what I think she doesn’t know is that this is what we’ve all been waiting for. For her to come ALL the way out. Rock with us at a ‘straight’ festival and give us the permission to hold hands with our girlfriends, lovers, partners, one-night-stands and wives. To be publicly sexual.

Last night something happened. It was unexpected and delicious. We all came out together. It felt wonderful. I held hands with the normally shy butch at my side. She pinned me to the fence and we kissed in the middle of the concert, in the middle of the crowd, in the middle of the festival. Proud. Hot and proud. Very very hot.

I’m conscious of the time it has taken to come this far for Melissa, myself and my Husbutch. There will be no more need to Meet Me In The Dark or Chrome Plated Hearts. Just Fearless Loves and All American Girls free to love who they love, visibly. Thank you, Melissa. What an Unusual Kiss.