Pride Fest MKE


Rapidly approaching is the biggest Pride Fest in the country, Milwaukee’s Pride Fest.. I am not sure why I get so twitter-pated over this event. Does anyone really know why? Is it just that it’s the largest group of LGBT people I’ve ever seen being themselves (and interesting versions of themselves)? Is it sexual tension and the “looking” at other people that you know are “like you” that gets us all so moist? What is it..?

Nothing especially dramatic has ever happened. You get your protesters, your swingers, the full gamut of the sexuality spectrum… However, mostly people come paired, alone or in a group and they leave the same way, too. Maybe someone finds a hook-up for the night, but that happens in the bars all the time. No big deal… Right?

Well, being a Femme, here’s my little theory. (Feel free to let me know yours!) Us Femmes are accustomed to being ogled. (Both good and bad.) We get looked at, hit on, offered numbers and whistled at. (Mostly done by men…) I think that many of the rest of our community spends a lot of their time blending in. They pass or fight to pass. Some cannot pass and try to stay out of the fray and surround themselves with other “like-minded” people. This means that when Pride comes to town THEY TOO can be seen, noticed, hit on and as “out” as they want to be in a HUGE crowd surrounded by people that desire to do exactly the same thing. Exist.

Not just exist, perhaps…. They want to walk through the world comfortably as EXACTLY who they are, with or without labels. To hold hands with, wink at, dance with and kiss someone that they are attracted to without watching their backs. Pride is a great place to people watch and get to know the community that everyone says we belong to.. Or is it just the largest gay meat-market imaginable..

What to do you think….?