Straight Femmes


Interesting. I have several Straight Femme friends. They know they are Femme. We have discussed this. However. I watch them candor to the stereo typical roles of the feminine woman, rather than the strong an functional women that they are. Particularly… around each other…

This is something that I don’t understand. I think that women are each other’s greatest allies. Who better understands, empathizes with and can enforce what women want and need, than our own “kind’.

I have a fantastic group of female friends. ALL of whom are straight. I am lucky to have them. They are each incredible women. The problem: They still guard themselves around one another when it comes to their men. Most of these women are married.

One specific example. One of the women is married to a charismatic flirt. He would NEVER EVER do anything dishonorable. It’s just his personality. He is the animated, passionate, loud and funny part of our group. It’s just in him. This makes his wife, the love of his life, not trust him! If you marry someone, you must know who they are and know that they will not change. You marry them because you love who they are. One of the single women in the group (who ADORES both parties in the couple) is constantly under suspicion from the first woman.

This gets exhausting to keep up with and try to explain. Let me just tell you….

These women are the best of friends when no man is present. Incredible. It’s so sad to see. Trust your friends when you choose them wisely and trust your damn spouse. Sheesh.

Wait.. are LESBIANS like this… ?

Oh yeah, only way worse. We have GOT to stop worry about each other and focus on being the women we were meant to be. Functional. Strong. Confident. Women. Come on ladies…..