Old Timers Party


Milwaukee had an “Old Timers Party”. Once a year all of the “Old Timers” or “Original Lesbians” that came out decades and decades ago come out to one location and.. well.. meet each other. They drink beer (stereotypically “LOTS “of beer), make new friends, see old lovers and troll new prospects… I think that this is one of the most interesting lesbian event in Milwaukee. The women are interesting and the interactions even more so. If you ever hear of it happening… go.

However, I am reminded, every time that we venture into large gaggles of lesbians, how my lover is so perfect for me. I really believe that I have the best one out there. Why? Well… I’d like to tell you…

As we stood there, among the larges number of lesbians I have ever seen in one location (apx. 500+), I look around and see the faces of women that represent so many things to me. I see insecurity, defiance, posturing, cock-blocking (which is particularly funny within a group of lesbians), jealousy, cheating, timidity, curiosity, dominance and (of course) submission. I see relationships that read just like the story of an old one of my own. I see new sex, old sex and a lone wolf that no one has tamed (so the sex is still a bit awkward in the first few moments)…

Then, I look at the woman that I would marry in each state, one by one, as they individually adopt the civil right of all people.. equal rights of marriage. I look at my partner and I see her understated strength. Her ease with new people. Her kind eyes and her way of being playful in secret ways that don’t embarrass me, but intrigue me, even in public. I see a physique that is second to none. Hands. (One of my favorite parts of a butch). Hands that are strong, soft, skilled and sturdy. I see the perfect match for me. Seems like new love, right? Well, we’ll have been married for 5 years this year and have known each other for almost 10 years.

Yes, I have that relationship that so many lesbian women think is fictional. I have it and I thought I should give a little shout out to it. It deserves a mention. I am proud. Very.

Just had to make sure that a well-deseved cliche tribute to the Husbutch of my dreams was include in this blog. What kind of a femme would I be if I didn’t tell you the incredible kind of butch that I am so lucky to have, anyway….

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  1. Just went to DC and got legally married to my partner of 23 years… I really identified with this blog post! Older women have such stories to tell. And having a wonderful partner is amazing! Congrats to you for your great relationship!!!

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