But You’re So Pretty


But you’re so pretty?! You could have any guy? Why would you want to be with women…?


The archaic believe that only pretty girl get guys. Let me tell you. There are some interestingly unattractive women walking proudly on the arms of men in this city. (Case-in-point: Just walk into your local Walmart.) They seem happy and have children, which is proof that they, too have sex. Just like the pretty girls. So.. where the hell does this theory of “pretty = straight” come from. Naturally, I have a theory…

I think that men are saying, “I would sleep with you.. How come I don’t get the chance..” That is the real issue. Now, the only thing that blows that theory? Women say it to Femme’s as well.. Okay. Another theory…

Other women say this to Femmes because they identify themselves as beautiful women. Before the Femme mentioned that they were gay (and perhaps even after..), these women thought of themselves and comparable to the Femme. A woman just like her. Uh Oh. She’s gay… So. That must mean that there is a chance that they are not safe.. They could be… gay too… Oh crap. <smiles>

Now we get to the point of Nature vs. Nurture. IF Nurture is to “blame” for women “turning” gay.. then explain how a woman can grow up to be beautiful, self-assured, strong, intelligent and ultra-femme… and still be attracted to other women. This little girl played with dolls, had the EZ Bake oven and played with her mother’s make-up and dresses diligently as she grew up in her typical American family.. She didn’t cut her hair short, hate dresses, play ball with the boys, steal her brothers clothes and dream of being tough and strong… No tom-boy here. Still gay.

Nature. Born This Way. (Thank you, Lady Gaga..) Born this way. Born with a predisposition. Like handedness. Also like handedness, it can be changed with repetition, force and scrutiny. Changed. Not Erased. Natural predisposition means born-in. Inherent. Natural. Yeah, I said it. Natural.

So.. I love women and I’m pretty. Yes. It’s true. And they seem to like me..

2 thoughts on “But You’re So Pretty

  1. The Femme mind is such a mystery to me. I don’t understand it and yet I am so attracted to it. Thank you for giving me a sneak peek into what goes on in the minds of these mysterious,beautiful and sexy women.

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