Want a Femme??

The Fabulous.. Marylin

Well, that one is easy. Be worthy. Yes, I said it. Be worth having an amazing Femme. Be yourself. All your butch-ness. Let your Femme protect you in this society. Let her be your friend, your lover, your fantasy, your confidant. She’s real.. There is one writing this blog. I am tired of seeing worthy women fall by the way-side because they are not “sure” of themselves. Not brave enough to approach the most feminine woman in a room. Not confident enough to be rejected by a “girl” that is not ready for you. Be brave. We need you to be..

Please. I have set up this blog because, obviously, there is much that the Milwaukee Lesbians need to know. Someone has to say it, so I am.

I am saying all of the things that Femme women talk about together (when we stumble upon each other, as we only occasionally do). I am telling you that there is an underlying theme that we discuss: How hard it is to find a partner. How we feel like we need to TATTOO the word “lesbian” on our foreheads to be noticed by our own “kind”! We want to be pursued, dated, wooed by a chivalrous, sexy, butch.. Not some cocky flashy-pants that thinks that packing is “cool” or “shocking”. Ugh. We dreamt of the white wedding and big beautiful dresses. The relationship. The marriage and family. We want a life partner.

We flirt with you.. hard. We want you.. a lot. Us Femmes, we are something else.. Find out. Be worthy of having one of us on your arm and in your bed.

How? Respect the women around you. Respect relationships around you. Respect your role as butch, friend, lover, partner. Be honest and trustworthy. Make us want you.