High Femme?!

Ms. Monroe

What/Who is a High Femme…

In my experience, literary texts and public examples, a High Femme is a term designated for women who carry themselves in a timeless fashion exuding strength, femininity, sex, smarts and a charm that captures people and they hardly know why…
Jackie O. Marilyn Monroe. Kate Middleton. Amazing women.

A Femme walks down the street with a natural swagger that is eye-catching and as irrepressible as her smile. She is a housewife, business woman, clerk, office girl, dancer or any other thing she may choose to do at that particular point in her life.

She doesn’t leave the house without make-up on and her hair done. She has excellent taste in clothing that suits her figure and accentuates her.. curves – in a classy, well-bred and untouchable manner..

A High Femme will smile at you, and in an instant, understand your struggles and see inside your soul. You seem to let her. She knows what you dream of. Why the lines in your face are as important as your name. She understands the walls and feels them with her own soul. IF you win her affections, she will do everything in her power to help make your dreams come true, those lines soften and the walls weaken to reveal a you that even YOU didn’t know was there. She is steadfast and intelligent. She gets done what needs to be done with sexy kind of grace.

She is everything that makes a woman the fairer of the sexes. A femme fatal, a gentle girl, a compassionate confidant.

She is sexy. No – she is sex, personified. Every man’s fantasy. A connected lover. One that completes parts of you that you didn’t know were missing until you touched her. Her mouth is soft and strong. Her eyes show only ONE person the depth of her love. Only ONE. She does not crudely “have sex”. Making love to her is to lay between time and space. It is to transcend reality and reach a heaven on earth that few ever really know.

Do you know a High Femme.

If you do, you have met a woman who is unmatched. Be careful with her. She is an important and disappearing female among a sea of common girls who do not take the time to know themselves. Women who don’t know that they are a High Femme, because they were not taught how to prioritize their lives. They are hardened by time, men and a lack of respect for the feminine woman. Thought weak and silly, they lost their identity and became a no-name, no-different, dime-a dozen.. girl.

If you do not know a High Femme, you have overlooked her. You have not shown a timeless beauty that she is appreciated.. wanted.. needed in today’s mass of modge-podge women. You have not convinced your stunning date, with just the look on your face, that her body, smile and personality is something you find enchanting and unique. That you couldn’t imagine another who could match her style. That she is your fantasy.. just as she is. Look more closely in your every day life. Pay attention. She will fade from existence if you do not show her the appreciation that makes her melt in your hands and strengthens her reason for being.

The Gentleman and the Lady are roles that are slipping away due, in part, to a lack of appreciation. The butch is that Gentleman, and the Femme is that Lady. We need to show that these are important examples for future lgbt youth and for each other. I hope this blog gets someone to think about that in reference to their own life. You can be the difference. I hope to be, by example.