Femme Lesbians..

Jennifer Tilley

Yes. There is a gender of lesbian called, “the femme”. She is the more gentle, more feminine or “lipstick” kind of woman that loves other women. They are hard to come by. Why? Well, they blend in. Can you imagine being in a group of people (all sexual persuasions included), wanting the attention of the lesbian that “looks” like a lesbian and knowing that she will never say word one to you because she would never guess that you were a lesbian. There is a lot of fear of guessing incorrectly.

There is some unfortunate rule that in order to be noticed in the gay “scene” you must appear to be gay. I think not! You must be tag-able; categorize-able. No. You must have short hair, tattoos and heavy shoes. Please. If you believe that, you are only feeding the anti-gay agenda; fueling the fire of discrimination toward lesbians. You are also forgetting. Forgetting the past and what the amazing lesbians that fought in the times of Stonewall and Second Wave Feminism. Women who were “Butch”, loved women who were “Femme”. Now, I admit, this is NOT the only pairing of lesbians. It is simply the one that, most-directly, relates to me and my topic of High Femmes.. Admittedly one-sided. Hey, it’s my blog.

I am a Femme. Proud to be one. I have been attracted to the more “butch’ and the “Stone-Butchest” of that wonderful gender of lesbian.. I love them. I always have. From a little girl on, they fascinated and excited me. They compliment every way that I am Femme. They are the Yin to the Yang of my sexuality. I stand taller with one, speak softer to one, kiss longer the perfect lips of one and make love harder and deeper to a Butch than any other person I could imagine being paired with.. They evoke the whole Femme in me. I am grateful for that. I love who I am with them.

Does a Butch have to “look” so masculine.. Well.. usually, yes. (Mmmm. Yes – Oops, I digress.) That is who they are. I can hardly discuss a Femme without discussing a Butch. Small minded? No. Just my own wonderful experience. Are there other ways to live as a Femme. Of Course!! I know several Femmes who enjoy other Femmes in a way I cannot identify with. That doesn’t make it bad or wrong. It’s just not what this Femme is all about.