Butches.. You know who you are. Really are. You are not the weekend butch that dons a plaid shirt, heavy shoes and loudly refuses make-up, dresses or high heels. If you are a real butch. That is a mute point. It is simply understood and no one would ask you to. You know that no matter where you are in life, who you’re with or what you are doing for a living.. you are the only way that you know how to be. Butch.

The thing that attracts me to a butch is the way they are butch to the core. Not male. Butch. Not masculine. Butch. A woman that is the very best parts of what a strong woman is made of. Intelligence, Sex appeal that can’t be denied, and hard-fast strength that is only used when really needed.

You don’t have to assert your strength for it to be known. You don’t have to disregard women and bad mouth your wife to be more masculine than feminine. You don’t have to be an asshole to be strong. You are all of the best versions of what a man wishes he could be.

To my butch, and other’s like you, I thank you for existing. I appreciate you and your “ways”. I want you as I always have and always will. You can count on that. There are more Femme’s like me. We pair with you well. We fit like two raindrops melting together. We are the compliments to one another and people see it when we are together. We don’t all look the same, but we are distinguishable. Noticeable. Impactual. I am very proud of who we are together. What we cannot be faked. We are Butch/Femme.


6 thoughts on “Butch/Femme

  1. this is amazeballs. JoMo’s comment about Femme’s being asked “why dont they just date a man”…or “your too pretty yadda yadda yadda” are battles I’ve had to put with for years…its wonderful to finally have a venue for this.!!! so exciting.

  2. Thank you! Well said.
    We have to keep on explaining ourselves, don’t we? Good thing we have warrior souls. I think that’s a special characteristic of Butch and Femme. 🙂
    I do get tired of people assuming that I want to be like a man, or want to be a man. I get tired of the women I’m attracted to, Femmes in all their glorious variety, being asked “why not just date a man?”, or being told “you’re too pretty to be a lesbian.”

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