Milwaukee High Femme


I’m a Functional High Femme. I am feminine, but strong and very capable.

I am a feminine lesbian. Very – feminine and lesbian. Make-up, High heels, skirts, curled hair… Every day. It’s just who I am. My childhood photos show me in my mother’s silk robe, trying all of her makeup and wearing her high heels. I dreamed of the big wedding, the wedding dress and someone tux-clad and handsome waiting for me at the end of a long isle. Funny, I never could see that person very well…

Did you know that straight women can be High Femme, too? Absolutely. That’s PART of what makes us so interesting (and complicated).

“High Femme” is one of the genders that easily spans the sexualities. Mull on that one for a minute…

What/who is a “High Femme”. Well.. Buckle up… I’ll tell you..